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The Noir Nightingale invites you back to a stylish era of entertainment that lives on through song and glamour in her Midnight Refrain.

Laura's 2015 Vintage Pin-up Calendar and Golden Era Almanac!

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February 2014     

*All dates in Las Vegas unless otherwise noted.  For more specific info on each date, please use email form to contact, or see weekly calendar blog posts, or connect with Laura on her Facebook page -

Feb. 1st:  Private event, Dragon Ridge Country Club

Feb. 2nd:  The Bootlegger Bistro, 6:45 - 9:30pm.

Feb. 6th:  The Dennis Bono Show, main showroom, Southpoint Hotel & Resort, 2:00pm.

Feb. 8th:  La Casa Vegas Cigars and Lounge, 9pm - 12am.

Feb. 9th:  The Bootlegger Bistro, 6:45 - 9:30pm.

Feb. 14th:  Eiffel Tower Restaurant, The Paris Hotel & Casino, 5:30 - 10:30pm.

Feb. 16th:  The Bootlegger Bistro, 6:45 - 9:30pm.

Feb. 20th:  Private event, The Wynn Resort and Casino

Feb. 22nd:  Art Vargas' "Vintage Vegas Live" show, Starbright Theater, 7:00pm.

Feb. 23rd:  The Bootlegger Bistro, 6:45 - 9:30pm.

Feb. 25th:  "Second Wind Dreams", charity event.



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