Laura Shaffer

The Noir Nightingale invites you back to a stylish era of entertainment that lives on through song and glamour in her Midnight Refrain.

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*Featured in the Emmy-winning CNN production, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.  Premiere episode of Season 3, April 2014.

*Mentioned in the Autumn 2013 edition of United Kingdom publication Essentially America as  “Ideal for those looking for a taste of the Golden Age of Vegas.”

“…Sultry jazz singer and one-of-a-kind performer Laura Shaffer—the Noir Nightingale. A true entertainer, Shaffer is recognized not only for her musical talent, but her overall style and persona that effortlessly captures the glamour and allure of the Golden Era.  Shaffer’s vintage look and warm vocal style has earned her a successful career performing in all of the major venues on the Las Vegas Strip, as well as an international fan base.”
  - Yamaha Corporation of America

"Shaffer’s following…ranges from Old-Vegas enthusiasts to jazz purists." 
- Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review Journal, "They Thrill, Trill, Dress to Kill"


“Wearing an elegant vintage evening gown, high heels and elbow-length satin gloves, flowers tucked into her coiffed brown hair, Laura Shaffer personifies the music she brings to the stage…Her Noir Nightingale quartet breaks into a jazzy tune from decades past—maybe something from the songbooks of Cole Porter or Duke Ellington—and Shaffer delivers the lyrics in a voice that matches her beauty and grace.”
   - Hubble Smith, Vegas Seven

"Laura Shaffer looks and sings like your favorite femme fatale from a film noir, but black and white can turn Technicolor for Christmas. Her "Vintage Christmas"… is sure to be packed…"   
Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review Journal

"When Laura Shaffer sings, it’s like stepping into a time machine. Your head begins to spin a bit, the eyes go aflutter, and the next thing you know, you’ve been transported to an era when music was melodious and fashion was glamorous but not gaudy. It’s like stepping into a film noir, except she’s in living color.” “…she cast her timeless spell over all within her range for a pair of standing room only shows. Already a veteran performer at major corporate events and top casino, Shaffer exudes the grandeur of the golden eras of American music, not just in sound and style, but in looks and persona as well. In many ways you might say she was born 50 years too late, but the past’s loss is truly the present’s gain. Laura Shaffer is refreshingly ours to enjoy right now."  
-Arthur J. Bloberger, Nightlife LasVegazine


"The Lady is a Vamp" - Hubble Ray, Vegas Seven

"They thrill and trill, dress to kill"  - Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review Journal

"During his trip to Las Vegas, Anthony Bourdain finds time to lounge" - John Katsilometes, The Las Vegas Sun

Laura's "Vintage Christmas" show is #1 pick in "Six Picks" - Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review Journal

Laura Shaffer and Frankie Moreno guest star with David Perrico's Pop Evolution, "Tonight's Tips" - John Katsilometes, Las Vegas Sun

Laura Shaffer and Groovin' High Orchestra fulfill 90-year-old woman's wish with help from charity Second Wind Dreams and Alzheimer's Foundation of America - Joyce Lupiani, KTNV 13 Action News

"Sophisticated Singing Star Laura Shaffer and the Great Return of the Golden Age of American Music" - Arthur Bloberger, LasVegazine